The apparent conflicts of interest within the American Dietetic Association

The apparent conflicts of interest within the American Dietetic Association

Does anyone else think it’s a conflict of interest for the American Dietitian Association to accept millions from meat, processed junk, dairy, soda, and candy bar companies while they claim that they are devoted to “improving the nation’s health”?

Industry sources pay $20,000 per fact sheet to the ADA and explicitly take part in writing the documents. The ADA then promotes them through its journal and on its website.

Some of these fact sheets are “What’s a Mom to Do: Healthy Eating Tips for Families,” sponsored by Wendy’s; “Lamb: The Essence of Nutrient Rich Flavor,” sponsored by the Tri-Lamb Group; “Cocoa and Chocolate: Sweet News” sponsored by the Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition; “Eggs: A Good Choice for Moms-to-Be” sponsored by the American Egg Board’s Egg Nutrition Center; “Adult Beverage Consumption: Making Responsible Drinking Choices” in connection with the Distilled Spirits Council; and “The Benefits of Chewing Gum” sponsored by the Wrigley Science Institute.

In 2008, the ADA announced that the Coca-Cola Company had become an “ADA Partner” through its corporate relations sponsorship program… When the American Academy of Pediatrics was called out on their proud new corporate relationship with Coke to support patient education on healthy eating, an executive vice-president of the Academy tried to quell the protest by explaining that this alliance was not without precedent. The American Academy of Pediatrics has had relationships with Pepsi and McDonald’s for some time. This is reminiscent of similar types of relationships in the past, like doctors promoting cigarette smoking…

A landmark report …found that [ADA] continue to take millions of dollars in corporate sponsorship money every year from meat, processed junk, dairy, soda, and candy bar companies, and in return offer official educational seminars to teach dieticians what to say to their clients. So when you hear the title “registered dietician,” this is the group they’re registered with. There is hope, though, as dietitians are coming together to reject this corrupting influence: Dietitians for Professional Integrity.

Read the entire article by Dr. Michael Greger at Care2 
Or watch his video blog below.

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conflicts of Interest from NutritionFacts on Vimeo.

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